La France vue des grottes

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About me

Born and raised in Normandy, France, I started photography as a geologist leading scientific expeditions into caves and mines. It was in these harsh conditions - dark, wet and rocky - that I took my first professional pictures.

From there sprang a variety of subjects that fascinate me to no end: archeology, history of bunkers, stone art and architecture. Documentary and story-telling photographs and texts appeared in books, exhibitions, museum animations and the press.

Today I'm based in Hamburg, Germany, and have expanded my interests to portraiture and landscape.

In France, I'm represented by Rapsodia agency, and in Germany, I'm part of the Hamburg Visuell collective.

About the photos

Every photo of this website is protected by intellectual property laws. All images created by Damien Butaeye are ©Damien Butaeye. All rights reserved.

You'd like an offer, you need my services for a portrait or a reportage, you're looking for an image, please contact me. I'll be pleased to advise you.

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